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One thing in this world never ceases to surprise me.  Kids can come up with the most creative ideas you could ever imagine.  I would like to tell you a little story that exemplifies this very point.

My great-niece Kass is a very bright and active five-year-old who loves to save money.  It thrills her to receive money for her birthday or Christmas.  A few months ago Kass decided she wanted an iPod.  To teach her the value of money, her parents suggested she save her money and buy one.  So Kass did.

She is very proud of buying it herself and has all of her favorite pictures and music stored on it, but one thing is bothering her.  She spent all her money.  The fact that she doesn’t have any is nagging at her.  This is amusing to me since she is only five.  It is bothering her so much that she has figured out a way to earn money.  She set-up tolls inside her home.

Yes, I said tolls.  Her Dad came home from work one day and saw little bags on every door knob in the hallway.  He was curious about why they were there and asked her Mom.  Her reply was, “Ask you daughter.”

The toll bags in the hallway.

When he questioned Kass about the bags, she told him that everyone had to put a dollar in the bag to go into the room.  He asked what he should do if he didn’t have a dollar bill and she told him he could use a credit card.

Gramps left a surprise.

Every day when she comes home from school she immediately runs to check each bag for money.  So far the only money she has collected is from her Gramps.  He left her a $1 to surprise her.

Clearly, this is the relative I need to be very good friends with, because with an imagination like this she may be a millionaire some day.