Change is a Good Thing

As you know, this blog was created as part of my English 415 course work.  Our class is now beginning work on niche blogs and I will be changing topics accordingly.

The topic I have chosen for my niche blog is food or to be more precise, recipes that are easy to make, good for potlucks, parties, and other small occasions.   To be selective, I decided upon criteria for the recipes.

  1. Easy to fix
  2. Small number of ingredients
  3. Easily transported
  4. A crowd pleaser
  5. Just plain unusual

Many of the recipes I will be discussing have been given to me by friends or family members, but there may be a few that I found in a long forgotten magazine or book.

The look of the blog will be changing to match the new topic.  Although, I loved the old look it just doesn’t match the new topic and needs a redesign of sorts.  Perhaps a bit more upbeat and colorful.  We shall see.


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